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Coronation Street spoilers: Sad goodbye, a huge exit and shock arrest


Because of the football, the Coronation Street schedule has changed this week, with visits to the cobbles on Monday and Friday.

There’s a lot going on, including Chesney’s heartbreak as he prepares to bid Joseph farewell. Is Joseph, on the other hand, truly interested in visiting Portugal with his grandmother Linda?

Lydia makes Adam’s life a living hell by convincing Sarah that she’s been having an affair with him, despite the fact that all of the ‘evidence’ she has suggests she’s lying.

In the aftermath of recent events, Abi is tempted by drugs, and Emma is entangled in a love web.

Monday, February 28th — One-hour presentation

Finally, hope.

Chesney and Gemma unwillingly realize that Linda can provide Joseph with a better life in Portugal than they can provide for him in Weatherfield, so they prepare to say their last goodbyes to him.

Linda needs to travel back to Portugal tonight, so everything occurs quickly, and a sad Chesney, Gemma, Bernie, Fiz, Hope, and Ruby wave Joseph off as he departs for his new life.

However, when Hope confesses that Joseph didn’t want to go at all, Chesney realizes he’s made a huge mistake by allowing his kid to leave. Is it too late for Linda to stop Joseph from leaving?

When Emma goes on a date with Jon, Ted’s grandson, she becomes entangled in a complex love web.

It’s evident that they have a mutual connection over dinner at Speed Daal, but Faye is enraged that Emma went on a date with Jon. She reminds Emma that Craig sacrificed his job to protect them, and now she’s toying with peril. What’s Emma’s plan?

Toyah expresses her delight when Imran presents her with an engagement ring. When Toyah shows Abi the ring, however, she is unprepared for her harsh reaction.

Nobody is paying attention when Adam tries to persuade them that he hasn’t had an affair with Lydia. Brian, on the other hand, is considering leaving Weatherfield.

Friday, March 4th — One-hour presentation

Lydia’s behavior deteriorates as she pursues Adam Barlow’s demise. After Lydia persuaded Sarah of his guilt, he returns home to discover Sarah tossing his belongings outdoors.

He tries to reason with Lydia, but she yells to some bystanders that Adam is frightening her. He’s shocked to discover Lydia has smashed up the house to make it appear as if he did it. He swears he’ll phone the cops, but Lydia assures him that they’re already on their way. Adam seemed to be in a serious situation.

After gathering her belongings to leave number 13, Abi becomes even more despondent. Toyah discovers her in Victoria Gardens, crying and drinking vodka while gazing at photos of Seb. Toyah encourages Abi to attend a support group, and she agrees. She later introduces Toyah to Dean, introducing him as her sponsor. Toyah is relieved to have received assistance, but once she’s gone, Dean passes Abi a bag of cocaine, and the two of them giggle at how naive Toyah was.

Elsewhere Sam challenges Roy to another round of chess while Emma struggles to resist Jon.

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